My Daily Design #337

Today is the birthday of my Grandma, as well as one of my good friends, Chelsea, who’s back visiting from London at the moment. So this design is for both of them, using elements taken from the wedding invites I designed for Chelsea a few years ago. The flowers also remind me of my Grandma’s old garden, where she used to pick fresh flowers from to give me when I visited. Happy Birthday Grandma and Chels!

My Daily Design #316

The last couple of months have been all about houses for me. I’ve helped people move, moved out of my rental property (which got sold), and have just gone unconditional on my first house too, so very exciting times. Unfortunately I don’t move into my new house until just before Christmas, so have spent this weekend moving everything into storage for a few weeks, while we live at my in-laws. So today’s design (a very abstract 11) is a quick pastel drawing inspired by all this.