My Daily Design #136

It’s an exciting one this week, with the creative conference Semi-Permanent on Friday and Saturday. As a side event starting yesterday, one of the speakers – Benja Harney, a self-taught Paper Engineer – is attempting to build a Mini (car) out of paper. Inspired by this I created today’s date out of coloured paper.

4 thoughts on “My Daily Design #136

  1. Guess what Laura? I have a student who is AMAZING at paper folding and is always making me animals, etc. So I thought I would send this on to him and guess what – it is his 10th birthday today!!! What an amazing coincidence. He is going to be so excited that his birth date has been done out of paper!

    • Thanks Kate. It’s much better in real life, which you might get to see at the end of the 100 days project. I love hearing people’s favourites. Keep the great bow ties coming!

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