My Daily Design #61


Tonight I’m taking part in What the Frock, which is also part of First Thursdays and the New Zealand Fashion Festival. The brief was to decorate rubbish bins along K Road with ’skirts’ made from unconventional materials. So I’ve also incorporated my daily design into my ‘skirt’, creating it out of masking tape and wire, playing with light, shadows and texture.

When given the location of my bin (outside St Kevin’s Arcade) I learnt a lot about it’s history, in particular about the Scoria House that was the original building that stood there, built in 1945. A watercolour painting by John Kinder caught my eye, so I got my inspiration from this, mainly the verandah architecture of the old house. The ‘skirt’ design also links to the strong lines featured in the stained glass detailing which can be seen in St Kevin’s Arcade today.

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